Preferred Learning Styles Profile

INSTRUCTIONS: People learn by seeing, listening and doing. Although we can learn in all three ways, most of us prefer one of these modes for our learning. This is known as our Preferred Learning Style (PLS). By knowing your preferred learning style, you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your learning and professional development activities.

This 45 item test (about 10 minutes) is designed to identify your preferred learning style. Using your mouse, click on the response that best describes you in the following statements. The answer options are as follows:

  • NV = Never applies to me
  • RA = Rarely applies to me
  • SM = Sometimes applies to me
  • OF = Often applies to me

We have also included 4 demographic questions for research purposes. We are interested in seeing whether gender, type of nurse, experience and work environment are related to preferred learning styles. Remember that this is a totally anonymous test, and there are NO right or wrong answers, so please respond as accurately as possible.

Once you have completed all the test items, you will be able to see your three learning style scores.  Finally, on the last page are descriptions of the traits of different style learners and strategies for getting the most from each learning style.

To begin the Preferred Learning Styles Test, click on the Start Test button below.

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