Time Management Profile

INSTRUCTIONS: When it comes to time, we are all equal! No matter who we are, we only have 24 hours in a day. Managing your time is probably the best thing you can do to make your life easier. Your well-being depends on it, because it's an essential way to reduce stress caused by the ongoing pressures of work and deadlines. This Time Management Test will help you identify areas where you may need to develop further skills and/or make changes in the way you do things.

This 32 item test (about 10 minutes) is designed to identify your time management style. Using your mouse, click on the response that best describes you in the following statements. The answer options are as follows:

  • NV = Never applies to me
  • RA = Rarely applies to me
  • SM = Sometimes applies to me
  • OF = Often applies to me

We have also included 4 demographic questions for research purposes. We are interested in seeing whether gender, type of nurse, experience and work environment are related to time management scores. Remember that this is a totally anonymous test, and there are NO right or wrong answers, so please respond as accurately as possible.

Once you have completed all the test items, you will be able to see your four time management dimension scores -- organization, discipline, communication and saying "No".

To begin this Time Management Test, click on the Start Test button below.

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