Personality Diagnostic Tests

More than professional and technical competence is required for peak job performance. Our basic personality characteristics and life skills also have an impact on how well we do and how happy we are with our nursing work and careers.

We have developed a number of diagnostic tools that help you understand yourself better. These tools can assist you to identify areas where you can change and/or improve your personal skills.You got to have the right personality too!

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, and the tests are anonymous! Click on the Title to go to the diagnostic tool.

Acceptance of Diversity Profile: Our workforce is getting increasingly diverse. People from different countries, languages, cultures and lifestyle values often can be found in the same work unit. This 40 item test is designed to identify your attitudes towards diversity in the workforce on four factors -- tolerance, respect, self awareness and interpersonal skills.

Analytics Profile: Analytics is the ability to systematically analyze and understand how things work. It involves extracting the underlying rules that govern the behaviour of systems and the desire to construct organized systems. It is the opposite of empathy. This 40 item test is designed to identify your analytical abilities.

Conflict Resolution Profile: Conflicts in the workplace are inevitable. How you deal with the conflicts, and your strategies to resolving them, will determine whether your work environment is harmonious or disruptive / dysfunctional. This 20 item test will help you identify your positive and negative tendencies to dealing with conflicts.

Empathy Profile: Empathy is the ability to read and understand people and be in-tune with others. This 40 item test is designed to measure how easily you pick up on other people's feelings and how strongly you are affected by them.

Listening Profile: Effective listening is one of the most important skills we should all possess! Mastering the art of listening to both what people mean, and what they say, will profoundly impact your personal and professional success. This 40 item test is designed to measure how well you listen.

Preferred Learning Style Profile: We learn by seeing, hearing and doing. Most of us have a preferred mode of learning. This 45 item test will identify your preferred learning style, what it means, and what you can do to maximize learning effectiveness using your preferred learning style.

Time Management Profile: Managing your time well is probably the best thing you can do to make your work and life easier and more enjoyable. This 32 item test will help you identify your time management skills on 4 dimensions -- organization, discipline, communication and saying "No".

Work Stress Profile: Too much stress in our lives is unhealthy. Being overstressed can result in various physical and mental symptoms. This 45 item test will measure your overall stress score plus sub-scores on 6 work dimensions -- job characteristics, pay and benefits, work schedule, teamwork, supervisors and productivity.