Nursing Competence Advanced Self-Assessment Tools

Welcome to our new Nursing Competence Advanced Self-Assessment Tools. Our nursing self-assessment section is one of the most popular components, second only to our nursing quizzes. We have had requests to provide more nursing self-assessment tools – which we have now done! All of the nursing competencies listed in our original (Basic) self-assessment tools are included in our Advanced tools, plus many more.

Advanced self-assessment toolsThe nursing competencies are grouped into five major categories. Within each category are several competency bands. Each competency band has several competency clusters which serve as the basis for each self-assessment form. Within each cluster / form are the specific nursing competency elements, which are the knowledge, skills, attitudes and clinical judgments essential to providing quality nursing care. Our new advanced nursing self-assessment tools have 30 Competency Bands with 215 self-assessment forms covering 3,225 nursing competencies!

Some competencies will be acquired through formal education (basic). Other competencies may be gained through experience and/or on-the-job training (additional). Some competencies are gained through advanced training, education and/or certification (specialty). No nurse is expected to be competent in ALL of the competencies associated with the nursing profession.

To access a particular advanced nursing competence self-assessment form, simply click on the Title. The numbers in ( ) indicate the number of nursing competencies in that self-assessment form. Once you are in the self-assessment forms, you can navigate by clicking on the Previous or Next buttons at the bottom of the form. To return to this page, click the Exit to TOC button. Be sure to read the Advanced Rating Scale prior to beginning your self-assessments as this rating scale is different than the one used in the Basic self-assessment tools.

The self-assessment ratings on these online forms are not saved. Therefore, if you want a copy of your self-assessment ratings for your records, please use your browser's print button to print off each completed page before you close it.


AA: Nursing Knowledge

AA-01: Anatomy and Physiology (18)
AA-02: Microbiology (9)
AA-03: Pathophysiology (29)
AA-04: Medical Terminology (5)
AA-05: Growth and Development (9)
AA-06: Nutrition (15)
AA-07: Pharmacology (30)
AA-08: Nursing Science (14)

AB: Nursing Process

AB-01: Assessment (34)
AB-02: Planning (17)
AB-03: Implementation (10)
AB-04: Evaluation (11)

AC: Nursing Practice

AC-01: Critical Thinking (9)
AC-02: Clinical Judgment (11)
AC-03: CPR and Code Procedure (7)
AC-04: Admission Procedures (6)
AC-05: Nursing Diagnosis (3)
AC-06: Client Transfer / Discharge (4)
AC-07: Client Mobility (6)
AC-08: Nutrition and Hydration (20)
AC-09: Elimination (15)
AC-10: Medical / Surgical Asepsis (10)
AC-11: Peritoneal Dialysis (17)
AC-12: Foot Care (10)
AC-13: Wound Care (17)
AC-14: Specimen Collection (8)
AC-15: Resource Utilization (4)
AC-16: Post Mortem Care (10)


BA: Dialysis

BA-01: Dialysis Nursing (17)
BA-02: Assessment and Care (14)
BA-03: Dialysis Treatment (20)

BB: Immunization

BB-01: Communicable Diseases (6)
BB-02: Immunizing/Biological Agents (6)
BB-03: Client Assessment (4)
BB-04: Consent and Teaching (8)
BB-05: Agent Preparation (7)
BB-06: Agent Administration (8)

BC: Infusion Therapy

BC-01: Intravenous Therapy (17)
BC-02: Peripheral Intravenous Therapy (22)
BC-03: Peripheral Infusion (4)
BC-04: Central Line Care (24)
BC-05: Hypodermoclysis (20)
BC-06: Blood Transfusion (27)
BC-07: Phlebotomy (Venipuncture) (36)

BD: Medications

BD-01: Medication Principles (6)
BD-02: Client Assessment (17)
BD-03: Medication Orders (18)
BD-04: Resources and Information (15)
BD-05: Medication Dosages (6)
BD-06: Medication Preparation (10)
BD-07: Medication Administration (13)
BD-08: Injections (17)
BD-09: Support and Teaching (9)
BD-10: Monitoring (7)
BD-11: Storage and Disposal (5)
BD-12: Drug Counts (5)
BD-13: Professional Accountability (11) 

BE: Respiratory Care

BE-01: Airway Management (20)
BE-02: Oxygen Therapy (12)
BE-03: Suctioning (14)
BE-04: Respiratory Treatments (14)
BE-05: Tracheostomy Care (18)
BE-06: Chest Tubes (39)

BF: Psychiatric Care

BF-01: Therapeutic Relationships (48)
BF-02: Therapeutic Milieu (53)
BF-03: Psychiatric Disorders (56)
BF-04: Individual Therapy (35)
BF-05: Group Therapy (51)
BF-06: Rehabilitation Therapy (12)
BF-07: Medication Therapy (13)


CA: Clinic-Based Nursing

CA-01: Clinic Nursing Knowledge (12)
CA-02: Assessment and Prioritizing (10)
CA-03: Nursing Interventions (32)
CA-04: Client Referral (6)
CA-05: Support and Teaching (6)
CA-06: Ear Syringing (11)

CB: Community Health Nursing

CB-01: Community Health Knowledge (6)
CB-02: Nursing Process (11)
CB-03: Client Services (18)
CB-04: Primary Health Care (11)
CB-05: Community Health (6)
CB-06: Preventative Health (15)
CB-07: Health Teaching (9)

CC: Emergency Nursing

CC-01: Multi-Systems Assessment (58)
CC-02: Priority Needs Identification (11)
CC-03: Nursing Interventions (22)
CC-04: Emergency Interventions (20)
CC-05: Equipment Knowledge (14)

CD: Gerontology Nursing

CD-01: Aging and Health (27)
CD-02: Support and Teaching (20)
CD-03: Nursing Interventions (34)
CD-04: Assessment and Placement (5)
CD-05: Safety Procedures (8)
CD-06: Communication and Advocacy (6)

CE: Maternal / Newborn Nursing

CE-01: Prenatal Assessment and Care (31)
CE-02: Labour Assessment (15)
CE-03: Managing Labour (15)
CE-04: Delivery (14)
CE-05: Neonatal Resuscitation (18)
CE-06: Postpartum Care (58)
CE-07: Prenatal / Pre-operative Care (16)
CE-08: Postnatal / Post-operative Care (14)
CE-09: Teaching Newborn Care (14)

CF: Mental Health Nursing

CF-01: Mental Health Assessment (49)
CF-02: Aggressive Behavior (26)
CF-03: Intolerable Behavior (13)
CF-04: Suicide (18)
CF-05: Substance Abuse (12)
CF-06: Treatments and Interventions (12)
CF-07: Protocols and Documentation (5)

CG: Neurological Nursing

CG-01: Neurological Assessment (17)
CG-02: Seizures (18)
CG-03: Spinal Precautions (12)
CG-04: Client / Family Support (12)

CH: Occupational Health Nursing

CH-01: OH&S Nursing Knowledge (17)
CH-02: Nursing Process (22)
CH-03: Health & Safety Promotion (11)
CH-04: Collaboration (5)
CH-05: Emergency Situations (16)
CH-06: Program Support (10)

CI: Ophthalmic Nursing

CI-01: Ophthalmic Nursing Knowledge (8)
CI-02: Assessment and Care (13)
CI-03: Surgical Asepsis (6)
CI-04: Scrub Assistant Role (9)
CI-05: Laser Procedures (10)
CI-06: Circulating Role (13)
CI-07: Administrative Support (25)

CJ: Orthopedic Nursing

CJ-01: Orthopedic Knowledge (49)
CJ-02: Cast Care (25)
CJ-03: Traction and Fixators (7)
CJ-04: Splints and Braces (10)

CK: Palliative Care Nursing

CK-01: Physiological Assessment (6)
CK-02: Pain Management (17)
CK-03: Psychological Support (14)
CK-04: Care and Comfort (10)
CK-05: Support Services (9)
CK-06: Family Rights and Wishes (6)
CK-07: Post Mortem Care (4)

CL: Pediatric Nursing

CL-01: Pediatric Knowledge (30)
CL-02: Interventions and Safety (13)
CL-03: Support and Teaching (26)

CM: Perioperative Nursing

CM-01: Perioperative Knowledge (29)
CM-02: Scrub Role (24)
CM-03: Circulating Role (44)
CM-04: Anaesthetist Role (13)
CM-05: Prep Room Role (12)

CN: Rehabilitation Nursing

CN-01: Rehabilitation Process (12)
CN-02: Assessment (23)
CN-03: Support and Teaching (10)
CN-04: Collaboration (7)
CN-05: Discharge Planning (11)

CO: Surgical Nursing

CO-01: Surgical Knowledge (10)
CO-02: Periopertive Teaching (22)
CO-03: Pre-Operative Care (14)
CO-04: Post-Operative Care (17)
CO-05: Wounds, Tubings and Drains (12)
CO-06: Staples and Sutures (8)


DA: Safety

DA-01: Fire Emergency (13)
DA-02: Disaster Emergencies (12)
DA-03: Bomb Threat (7)
DA-04: Missing Client (6)
DA-05: Personal Protection (14)
DA-06: Standard Precautions (14)
DA-07: Infection Control (14)
DA-08: Sharps (6)
DA-09: Dangerous Goods (8)
DA-10: Bio-Medical Waste (7)
DA-11: Refusal of Treatment (3)
DA-12: Client Safety (29)
DA-13: Safe Work Practices (12)
DA-14: Safety Documentation (8)

DB: Communication & Interpersonal

DB-01: Effective Communication (12)
DB-02: Therapeutic Relationships (30)
DB-03: Team Work (8)
DB-04: Client and Family Teaching (23)
DB-05: Documentation and Reports (39)
DB-06: Orders (6)
DB-07: Conflict Management (16)
DB-08: Time Management (11)

DC: Professionalism

DC-01: Legislation and Regulations (7)
DC-02: Scope of Practice (2)
DC-03: Standards of Practice (17)
DC-04: Professional Ethics (20)
DC-05: Professional Accountability (6)
DC-06: Confidentiality (8)
DC-07: Professional Boundaries (9)
DC-08: Fitness to Practice (10)
DC-09: Continuing Competence (11)
DC-10: Policy and Procedures (3)
DC-11: Nursing and Clinical Research (8)


EA: Nurse Leadership

EA-01: Leadership Skills (18)
EA-02: Team Lead Role (29)
EA-03: Organizational Structure (8)
EA-04: Risk Management (8)
EA-05: Planning Process (5)
EA-06: Human Resource Management (8)
EA-07: Mentoring (11)
EA-08: Supervision (14)
EA-09: Meetings (3)

EB: Nurse Educator

EB-01: Nursing Education (7)
EB-02: Nursing Knowledge (8)
EB-03: Curriculum Development (15)
EB-04: Delivery Methods (10)
EB-05: Learning Environment (16)
EB-06: Learning Facilitation (11)
EB-07: Effective Communication (11)
EB-08: Learning Evaluation (8)
EB-09: Professional Development (8)
EB-10: Educator Evaluation (10)

EC: Practice Management

EC-01: Office Management (5)
EC-02: Records Management (12)
EC-03: Client Transfers (5)
EC-04: HR Management (10)
EC-05: Marketing (9)
EC-06: Partnerships and Associates (29)