Common Nursing Mistakes and Errors

WNursing errorselcome to Micro Learning Nuggets. In this section, we look at some of the common mistakes / errors made by nurses and offer suggestions on how to avoid / prevent them. Each learning nugget consists of:

  • Problem: identification and brief description of the nursing error / mistake
  • Consequence: what may happen as a result of this error / mistake
  • Solution: suggestions on what to do to prevent this nursing mistake from happening.


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1. Assessment

1.1 Collecting Sensitive Patient Data

1.2 Assessing the Newborn Infant

1.3 Assessing Vital Signs in Children

1.4 Taking Blood Pressure

1.5 Recognizing Eating Disorders

1.6 Identifying Alcoholism

1.7. Recognizing Signs of Drug Abuse

1.8. Identifying the Right Patient

1.9 Assessing Chest Pain

1.10 Checking for OTC Medications

1.11 Checking for Herbal Supplements

1.12 Recognizing Postpartum Depression

2. Medications

2.1 Administering Medications and Drugs

2.2 Preparing Medications for Administration

2.3 Administering Parenteral Drugs

2.4 Flushing Venous Catheters

2.5 Medicating Obese Children

2.6 Giving the Right Medication

2.7 Medicating Elderly Patients

2.8 Looking for the Patch

2.9 Knowing Where to Get Drug Information

2.10 Avoiding IV Complications

2.11 Cleaning Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters

2.12 Avoiding Too Fast IV Meds

3. Safety

3.1 Assessing Violent Patients

3.2 Managing Confused Patients

3.3 Preventing Crib Falls

3.4 Using Gloves for Diaper Changes

3.5 Ensuring Stroke Patient Safety

3.6 Preventing Infection in the Emergency Department